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Salivary Glands: The Unsung Heroes of Your Mouth

What do you know about your salivary glands? Did you know that they play an important role in your oral health? These wondrous glands are often overlooked, but the truth is that they often play the role of superhero. Discovery Park Dental is pleased to report how exactly they rescue and protect your mouth from the bad guys. Think of this as a newspaper article for the unsung heroes of your mouth.

Many of the foods you eat contain amazing nutrients that help your teeth and body. Some foods also contain supervillains: acid and sugar. Acid wears down your tooth enamel and opens the door for its henchmen, bad bacteria, to bore holes in your teeth. Sugar feeds the bad bacteria. Your salivary glands are located on the palate, cheeks, and floor of your mouth. Saliva, the substance they shoot out like Spiderman shoots spider webs, doesn’t just moisten your mouth. It’s actually filled with natural minerals designed to lower the acid levels of your oral cavity. It also helps break down food particles for easier digestion and greater nutritional value. Finally, it washes away sugar and bad bacteria.

Next time you smell cookies baking in the oven or you sit down to a delicious meal and begin to salivate, you’ll know that this is not just a whetting of the appetite. This is your salivary glands preparing itself for an epic battle. But make no mistake. Your saliva needs your help. Brush twice a day, floss once a day, and come and see Dr. Nitya Balan at Discovery Park Dental in Cedar Park, Texas. Just give us a call at 512.260.8330 to make an appointment with our dentist. Let us be your dental heroes too

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