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Digital X-Rays

X-rays are a helpful tool that allows our dentists to get a closer, more complete look at your smile. X-rays are used to locate and diagnose dental problems that would be more difficult to see, or completely hidden, from the naked eye. Dr. Nitya Balan uses a new type of X-ray, digital imaging, in Cedar Park, Texas.

Digital imaging, or digital X-rays, has many advantages over traditional X-rays. Traditional X-rays had to be developed in a dark room, but digital imaging sends the image directly to the computer screen. Digital X-rays also use less radiation than do traditional X-rays. Digital X-rays can be enhanced and enlarged on the computer screen so our dentists can show you where and what any dental problems are. If needed, our dentists can send digital images to another dentist or to a specialist. With software called subtraction radiation, our dentists can digitally compare dental images; every part of the two images that is the same is taken out, leaving only the parts that are different. This helps our dentists spot even the tiniest changes and issues in your smile.

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