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Root Canal Therapy

Have you been experiencing any of the following symptoms?

  • Severe toothache

  • Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures

  • Darkening of a tooth

  • Swelling and pain in the gums or face

  • A recurring pimple on the gums

If so, Dr. Nitya Balan may recommend a root canal in Cedar Park, Texas. Root canal therapy is needed when the dental pulp (the soft area in the center of a tooth where the veins, nerves, and connective tissues are located) becomes diseased or infected. This damage to the pulp can occur because of deep decay, repeated procedures on the same tooth, large fillings, a crack or chip in the tooth, or trauma to the face.

Our dentists will perform root canal therapy to prevent worse problems from developing. The bacteria in the dental pulp, if left untreated, will multiply. This can caused an abscessed tooth, which is a tooth with a pus-filled pocket at the end of its roots. Untreated pulp infection can also cause swelling that can spread to the face, neck, and head. Bone loss may occur around the root tip. Drainage problems may also occur, causing a hole in the side of the tooth. This can result in drainage into the gums or through the cheek into the skin. Through root canal therapy, we can restore the tooth’s health and prevent these serious consequences.

We welcome you to contact Discovery Park Dental today to learn more and to schedule an appointment.

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