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Create a Fun Dental Experience for Your Child

Discovery Park Dental wants to provide a fun and comfortable dental experience not only for your child but for you and your peace of mind. They may experience some anxiety or have fears of any pain, a new person getting close, and/or not knowing what a dentist does. When visiting your child’s dentist for the first time, prepare them for their dentist appointment with some of the following tips:

– Discuss what the dentist will do. Demonstrate this with a fun, at-home dental checkup with popsicle sticks and a mirror. This way they’ll be excited for a real dentist appointment.

– Watch a show or read one of the many books provided about a character visiting their dentist.

– Take a blanket or small toy that will stay out of the assistant or dentist’s way.

– Have a sibling or friend come along to boost their confidence and help them be brave.

– Do not tell them about any pain or an ill experience you may have previously had.

– Communicate with them how seeing the dentist will make their teeth healthy and strong.

Creating good habits of seeing their dentist, brushing twice a day, and flossing daily will instill good oral habits for years to come and a positive attitude towards dental care. Call Discovery Park Dental at 512.260.8330 to schedule an appointment or consultation today. Our dental professionals work hard to create a comfortable and fun event for your child here in Cedar Park, Texas.

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