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When a tooth needs its shape, size, strength, or appearance restored, Dr. Nitya Balan may recommend a dental crown in Cedar Park, Texas. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped covering for a tooth. After the tooth is prepared, a custom-made crown is permanently cemented in place. A crown may be used for the following purposes:

  • To protect a weak tooth from breaking

  • To hold a cracked tooth together

  • To restore a broken or worn down tooth

  • To support a tooth with a large filling

  • To anchor a dental bridge

  • To cover irregularly shaped or badly stained teeth

  • To cover a dental implant

  • To make a cosmetic improvement

Our dentists provide dental crowns made from porcelain. These crowns match the color of your natural teeth better than any other crown type. As some people are allergic to metals, ceramic crowns are more suitable to those with allergies. Porcelain crowns are a good choice for front teeth or other visible teeth.

To learn whether porcelain dental crowns are right for you and to schedule your next visit with our dentists, we encourage you to contact Discovery Park Dental today. We are excited to serve you and your smile!

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