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Cracked teeth are a fairly common occurrence. Chewing on hard objects such as ice or popcorn kernel can form a crack. Other things, such as being punched in the jaw or grinding your teeth can get a crack in your teeth started. If you do have a cracked tooth, Discovery Park Dental has several ways to repair it for you.

Minor cracks can be repaired by Dr. Nitya Balan by using a filling material or a dental veneer. A dental filling has an easy application and can be completed within one visit. The dental veneer, however, offers more stability to the cracked tooth. It is also more costly and will require you schedule a follow-up visit with Dr. Nitya Balan.

Dental crowns are typically used for larger cracks because they supply structure and strength to the broken tooth. If the crack has spread down into the soft tissue and blood vessels of the tooth known as “the pulp”, a root canal will be necessary to repair the tooth to help prevent the pulp from becoming infected.

Extreme cases of cracked teeth may require the teeth be removed and replaced. In these cases, replacement options include dental bridges or implants.

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